Southwest Downsizing - Making downsizing your home a positive experience!
At some  point in time, we are all confronted with a lifetime of accumulated items and the prospect of leaving familiar surroundings.  Downsizing a home - deciding what to keep, what to give away , and what to sell can be a daunting physical task and one in which many emotions rise to the surface.  At Southwest Downsizing we work with you using our  down-to-earth,  hands-on approach to guide you through the change to a new more practical and enjoyable environment.
What makes us special.
Southwest Downsizing serves clients who are thinking about moving or prefer to stay in their home but make life simpler by reducing their possessions.  We can help facilitate the many decisions that come with downsizing to relieve the stress that families experience at this time.
Here are but a few services that make us unique:
Proven process for downsizing and organizing your belongings.
Preparing documentation to attach to your favorite charity's donation form.  This includes listing and assigning a thrift store value.
Guiding you through the process of having an estate or garage sale.  Includes pricing and set up. 
Arranging consignment of your articles of gently used current clothing or home furnishings.  This includes taking pictures of the items and following the status for thirty days on consigned items under contract.
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